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The ISHS representative, together with the Convener, will set up a special committee to select the best oral and the best poster presentations, given by a student as presenter and first author of the work. Students should be enrolled in a PhD programme, and with an age limit of 35.

The ISHS representative or Convener will present the ISHS Student Award certificates to the awardees during the symposium. The certificates will be mailed to the Convener by the ISHS Secretariat together with the ISHS promotional material. The Convener will hand over the certificates to the ISHS representative at the start of the symposium. The ISHS representative and Convener will fill in the missing details on the certificates prior to the award ceremony (name of the awardee, name of the symposium, signatures of ISHS representative and Convener).

A picture of the awardees will be mailed to the ISHS Secretariat by the ISHS representative. The ISHS representative will inform the ISHS Secretariat on the names and contact details of the awardees.