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Travel Guide

There are lots of famous scenic spots and historic sites in Yunna province, here we introduce the best to all attendees.

Route 1: Kunming-Dali-Lijiang- Shangri-La      7 or 8 Days

Route 2: Kunming- Xishuangbanna                5 or 6 Days

Route 3: Kunming- Stone Forest                    2 Days

1. You should pay post-conference fee by yourself ,the the organizing committee is not responsible for the organization of pre- and post-conference tour .We will do our best to provide information of the lines for tour in Yunnan and the tour agencies with highest reputation.The more detail information you can consulting Local tour guide (  Ms. Wang jie)

2. According to the notification from the local government, the organizing committee will not shoulder any legal responsibility for any problems happened during the tours of pre- and post- conference.