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Route 2

Route 2: Kunming- Xishuangbanna        By  plane  or bus     6 or 7days  (By plane  from 600$    By bus  from 300 $)

Xishuangbanna is the southernmost prefecture of Yunnan Province. The prefecture is nicknamed "Aerial Garden" for its luxuriant and multi-layered primitive woods and tropical rain forests, which are teeming with animals and plants. Renowned as a huge natural zoo, Xishuangbanna's rain forest and monsoon jungles provide a habitat for nearly 1000 species of animals. Within thick and boundless forests wild elephants and wild oxen ramble about, with peacocks in their pride, gibbons at play, and hornbills whispering.

Thirteen species of wild life enjoy state protection, including loris, the gibbons, the red-necked cranes, the brown-neck horn-bills, and the green peacocks, which to the Dai people are a symbol of peace, happiness and good fortune and whose graceful postures can make professional dancers  shame. The region has 5,000 kinds of plants or about one-sixth of the total in China. This has earned it the renown and sobriquet “The moonstone on the Crown of the Kingdom of Plants”.

This is one of recommend tour guide route  

 The more detail information you can visit the  or consulting Local tour guide (  Ms. Wang jie)

Day 1

19:30 take the travel bus to Pu-Er .Accommodation on Pu-Er

Day 2

In the early morning we take you to visit the wild elephant valley, which is AAAA national highlight , and you can see wild elephant .After 120mins travel In the wild elephant valley ,we take you to tropical botanical garden ,which is the typical tropical rain forest in south China ,in this area you can see big banyan ,” black hear tree” ,clock flower and so on. Overnight at the Xishuang-banna hotel.

Day 3

In the early morning, we take you to the Dai nationality Garden , enjoy Exotic South of Yunnan.

And visit the Dai temple , experience the mystery Buddhism culture of Dai,Overnight at the Xishuang-banna hotel.

Day 4

From Xishuang-banna to Menglun botanical garden, which is the biggest tropical botany research institute, you can travel in this garden about 180mins. After lunch drive back to Xishuang-banna, and you can enjoy your leisure time.

Day 5

After breakfast go back to Kunming city by travel bus.